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Because of the Brave

Staff Sergeant Irvin Daubert

World War Two 1942-1945

US Army Air Corps

Born October 7, 1920

Staff Sergeant Irv Daubert volunteered to serve in the U.S Army Air Corps in 1942. Irv was stationed in England and flew 35 combat missions as part of a B-24 crew member into France and Germany between January 1943 and the end of the war. Daubert’s string of good fortune during combat missions nearly came to an end during one flight when flak from anti-aircraft fire hit his section of the B-24 and lodged in his boot. Each mission typically lasted 8 hours, was flown at 35,000 feet with temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees below zero, no heat, just layers of clothing. Irv left the military in October 1945 and moved to Cheshire in 1950 working in sales. Irv also served 35 years in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Irv has been a part of the Boy Scouts of America for 85 years and was Scoutmaster for Troop 51 in Cheshire. Cheshire native and Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Harvey C. Barnum Jr. was part of Irv's scout troop and had this to say:

"Irv was my scoutmaster back in the 1950s. I contend that his leadership was instrumental in preparing me for and guiding me through the challenges of growing up and helped me prepare for the responsibilities I would go on to be entrusted with as an officer of Marines."