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Because of the Brave

Board of Directors

 Hayley Falk


Hayley graduated from Cheshire High School with the class of 2021 and will attend Southern CT State University for nursing. Hayley made her first trip to Arlington National Cemetery in 2013 which began her passion for creating Because of the Brave in 2019. Hayley has met several individuals along the way who inspired her to be more and do more. Because of the Brave Inc. is now a 501(c)(3).

Jeffrey Falk


Jeffrey graduated from Cheshire High School in 1995 and served the next 8 years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service. 

Bryan Donahue


Bryan was a 22 year old 3rd generation U.S. Marine, he thought he was perfectly healthy, but Bryan’s reality could not have been more false. With the prognosis of only a few months to live, he came to the realization that he wasn’t afraid his life would end, but more afraid it never began. He changed his way of thinking and started to live a life of NO REGRETS. Bryan is a motivational speaker an author of the book On Borrowed Time.

Donald Falk


Donald graduated from Cheshire High School in 1965 and Boston College in 1969. He was drafted into the US Army and served with the 1st Cavalry Division at Bien Hoa, South Vietnam from 1970-71. 

Board of Directors

 Tracy Gonzalez Gade