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Because of the Brave

1st Lt. Florence Bryant

World War Two 1942-1946

US Army Nurse Corps

Born - October 1, 1920

1st Lieutenant Florence Bryant enlisted into the Army Nurse Corps in 1942 shortly after graduating from Grace Hospital School of Nursing in New Haven. Entering the service as a 2nd Lieutenant, she was stationed at Bradley Field for two years where she watched this tiny hospital unit grow to a medical facility that served the needs of military men from across the country. In May 1945, as the war in the Pacific evolved, Mrs. Bryant joined over 3,000 troops and a contingent of Army nurses on the maiden voyage of the USS Hodges on an unescorted, 21-day journey across the Pacific to the Philippines. Florence was briefly stationed on the island of Luzon, and from there, Florence, now a 1st Lieutenant, traveled to Leyte where the army was preparing its push toward the main islands of Japan. It was while she was stationed on Leyte that she learned of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At war’s end, Florence was once again stationed on Leyte to await her 14-day voyage home. She returned to civilian life in February 1946, but her life of service was only beginning.

Upon arriving home, Florence became a nurse with the Visiting Nurse Association in Hamden assisting young mothers with the challenges of infant care and subsequently worked in the hospital and at home settings helping patients and their families. She also served as a staff nurse at Waterbury Hospital until her retirement in 1982.

Mrs. Bryant is extremely proud of her work as a nurse and grateful for the years she spent serving her country. Her experiences in the Army Nurse Corps shaped the person we honor today, an individual committed to her community and dedicated to being of service to family, friends, and neighbors.